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All FAQs in category "...Fund by ACH".
  1. How do I set up an ACH relationship?
  2. What is the maximum I can deposit to my account using my ACH on a daily basis?
  3. How long does it take to establish the ACH link between my bank and my TOS account?
  4. What is the daily cut off time for ACH requests?
  5. When can I expect to see the funds posted to my account?
  6. Can I have multiple ACH's on file?
  7. Can I set up recurring monthly withdrawals or deposits using the ACH?
  8. What does ACH stand for?
  9. Are there additional forms required to set up an ACH for an IRA account?
  10. Do you accept incoming ACH deposits?
  11. What type of bank accounts are eligible for an ACH relationship?
  12. Is there a holding period on incoming ACH deposits?
  13. How do I confirm the two small deposits that were made to my bank account?
  14. When can I expect to see the two small amounts deposited to my bank account?
  15. Does thinkorswim charge for ACH transfers?
  16. Are there any charges and/or penalties for ACH's that are reversed?
  17. Can I submit a temporary check with my application?

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