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All FAQs in category "AUTOTRADE".
  1. What is Autotrade?
  2. Is there an additional fee to use Autotrade?
  3. Which newsletter providers are available for Autotrade?
  4. If I do a recommended trade myself will thinkorswim Autotrade it?
  5. If I purchase additional shares/contracts will thinkorswim Autotrade them?
  6. Can I close a position before the newsletter provider recommends that I do so?
  7. What is a Limited Trading Authorization?
  8. Is there a minimum account size required to Autotrade?
  9. What are the allocations for Autotrade?
  10. What happens if my account does not have sufficient funds to put on a new trade?
  11. How will I know if an Autotrade trade has been made in my account?
  12. Are there benefits to using Autotrade rather than making the trade myself?
  13. How much should I spend per trade?
  14. Which autotrade service does thinkorswim recommend?
  15. Does thinkorswim track or record trade performances for newsletter providers?
  16. Please explain each of the Autotrade allocation methods.

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