The software is very slow, freezes, or crashes after I have been running it for a while. How do I fix this?
If your problem occurs during startup, please refer to the FAQ on auto update and connectivity problems.
\nChecking the connection
  1. Open up a browser such as Internet Explorer and navigate to a search engine like or\n
  2. Type in a word you have never searched for in the search field like "bananas" and hit enter on the keyboard.\n
  3. If you are returned results your Internet connection is most likely fine. However if you received an error on page then you should try to reestablish an Internet connection or contact your local ISP and see if there is an issue in your area.\n
\nChecking System Resources
\nAfter using the software as normal for a while, go to the System tab and look at the amount listed next to Free Memory. Then hit the Collect Garbage button and recheck the amount of Free Memory. If this amount is significantly larger than it was initially or is at least 5,000K then you probably have either a slow connection or a slow computer. If the Free Memory is still very low, you may want to consider increasing the amount of RAM dedicated to the thinkorswim software.
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