Security Statement

thinkorswim takes security very seriously. Security, however, is a two way street. Some security measures, like SSL encryption, an authentication token or user-verification phrase, protect you from would-be hackers. Others, like choosing an obscure personal security question and answer, help us confirm your identity you when you've forgotten your account password.

Some simple security measures can go a long way. For example, changing your account password frequently and closing down your browser window when finished are excellent ways of minimizing your security exposure. Here's a quick summary of the thinkorswim security system:

  • 128-bit SSL encryption: All personal data transactions on the our website are handled with 128-bit SSL encryption (the industry standard)...learn more >
  • User Verification Phrase: All clients are given a "user verification phrase" when they register. This phrase can only be retrieved by a genuine thinkorswim representative. Anytime someone asks you for your thinkorswim account information you can ask them for your user verification phrase. Only a legitimate thinkorswim representative will know what you are talking about and we like it that way...learn more >
  • Personal Security Question & Answer: Should you forget your password we can quickly and easily confirm your identity using your personal security question and answer.

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