Roth IRA Financial Disclosure
Investment Responsibilities

You may direct the investment of your funds within this Roth IRA into any investment instrument offered by or through the Custodian (APEX CLEARING CORPORATION.) or TD Ameritrade, Inc. The Custodian or TD Ameritrade, Inc. will not exercise any investment discretion regarding your IRA, as this is exclusively your responsibility.

The value of your Roth IRA will be solely dependent upon the performance of any investment instrument chosen by you to fund your Roth IRA. Therefore, no projection of the growth of your Roth IRA can be reasonably shown or guaranteed.

Terms and conditions of the Roth IRA which affect your investment decisions are listed below.

Investment Options

You choose the investments which will fund your Roth IRA. Your investment choices are limited to investments/securities offered by Penson Financial Services through the relationship with TD Ameritrade, Inc.


There are certain fees and charges connected with the investments you may select for your IRA. These fees include the following:

  1. Sales Commissions
  2. Investment Management Fees (if applicable)
  3. Distribution Fees
  4. Annual Maintenance Fees
  5. Transfer Fees
  6. Surrender or Termination Fees

There are certain fees and charges connected with the IRA itself, these include:

Termination Fee: $20.00
Transfer Fee: $55.00

*We reserve the right to change any of the above fees after notice to you.


The method for computing and allocating annual earnings (interest, dividends, etc.) on your investments will vary with the nature and issuer of the investment chosen.

  Name Last Chg %Chg
DOW 30 18,132.70 -81.72 -0.451
NYSE comp 11,062.79 -19.31 -0.175
S&P 500 2,104.50 -6.24 -0.297
NASDAQ 4,963.528 -24.363 -0.491